Aurel Stodola (10.5.1959 Liptovský Mikuláš - 25.12.1942 Zurich) - was a great theorist and practitioner in the sphere of steam and combustion turbines. He had a good reputation of an excellent designer, and at the same time of mathematician and physicist. A.Stodola was the only Slovak who knew and corresponded with A. Einstein. "I proclaim that my feelings have never weakened to my people, where I come from. When I recieved an invitation to Zurich University, I clearly emphasized my origin and from then I always confirm it." A.Stodola The task of the fund is to support the potencian of creative people, research and technical workers, in mind and works of Aurel Stodola so, that Slovakia applies for new patents, offers new products and services on the level of its education and creativity. It is also to organize and create room for solvers, authors of ideas in order to form information stock, and knowledge-based economy. It is to give an opportunity for head companies to support fulfillment of Lisabon strategy in the interdiscipline areas. Possibilities of Slovakia are also in people, who gained experience in different countries of the world, changed working places and have something to offer outside of their current life and work arrangement. We are waiting for your cooperation proposals at e-mail adress: Fund manager Peter Kalina, M.S. in Ingineering